The Monastery Zica

Zica MonasterymonasteryMonastery Zica

The Monastery Zica is situated around 25 km outside of Vrnjacka Banja which is situated in central Serbia, 200 km south from Belgrade

The Zica Monastery is an endowment of King Stefan the First Crowned and built between 1190 and 1124. Zica was the first seat of the autonomous Serbian Archbishops and it was there that 7 Serbian kings were crowned, the latest one King of Yugoslavia. It is painted in red – Serbian Royal colour. The most significant composition is formed by the latest frescoes painted between 1309 and 1316. Nearly nothing has been saved from the once rich monastery treasury except the holy relict – right arm of St. John the Forerunner laid in silver, which was brought to the monastery by St. Sava. Today the holy relic is preserved in St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sienna. The Monastery was heavily bombed during WWII by Germans and set on fire during their occupation. Today is a women’s monastery and there is only one fifth of frescos left from original work. The nuns support themselves by working on land, making teas and honey which they are selling. Worship takes place very day at 5 pm and I would recommend it to anyone. Singing is beautiful and acoustic in the church is very good. The whole atmosphere is mystified by closing entry doors and old ritual by nuns at the end of pray. 

How to get to monastery Zica:

By bus from Belgrade toVrnjacka Banja then by local bus. You will have to stay overnight in Vrnjacka Banja. Or pre book a full day private tour with car, driver and local guide to the Monastery Zica from Belgrade with ReadyClickAndGo.  For more information please email

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  1. smith says:

    nice photos!

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