Festivals in China during April 2012

Yao Minority Festival in Longshen Apr. 17

day trips in china, day tours in china, readyclickandgo, privatedaytrips This is one of the oldest festivals dating back to the Yuan Dynasty. It held every year either in Ziana, a small village, or at the foot of Longji Mountain. During the festival all the Yao people are dressed in their local costume and they bring their best local products, like rice wine. The festival is a place to meet future husbands and wives by singing or playing the Muye, a special musical instrument made with leaves, or dancing.  The main colour of the Festival is red and it’s sometimes referred to as the Red Cloth Festival.

Day Trips from Longshen: Take a romantic Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo, visit West Street and attend an evening performance of the Impressions of the Liu San Jie show, set on the water against beautiful mountain peaks.

Longji Tea Festival Apr. 8 to May. 8

Day trips in China, day tours in china, readyclickandgo, privatedaytrips Tea is sacred commodity in China and there are various tea festivals and “best places” to enjoy tea in China. Due to the proximity of Shanghai the Longji Tea Festival is the most famous. It’s situated just outside Hangzhou where there are famous tea plantations producing the world famous golden tea. Villagers from Dragon Well Village celebrate their Tea Festival every year between 8th April and 8th May, and visitors can enjoy picking tea at nearby tea plantations, learning about Chinese tea ceremonies, drinking tea the Chinese way and walking in the countryside.

Day Trips from Longji: Visit Hangzhou and take a short cruise on the West Lake. Don’t miss the traditional ancient pharmacy and manor house of a Qing nobleman.

Kite Festival in Weifang 20th -25th April 

This annual festival attracts enthusiasts and spectators from all around the world when the sky over Weifeng is covered with colourful shapes – they say that Marco Polo introduced kites to China. Keifeng, the kite capital of the world, hosts the best school in China for kite-making. The whole production is still done by hand from carving the wood to the painting of each part. The highest point of the Festival is the opening ceremony when the first ones go into the sky.

Day trips around Weifeng: Drive an hour and half to Qufu, the birth place of China’s greatest philosopher, Confucius. Peek through his last residence and join the crowds paying their respects at his grave.

Peony Festival in Luoyang 15th April – 15th May 

day tours in china, day trips in china, readyclickandgo, privatedaytriips Every year between the middle of April and the middle of May peonies are in full bloom, reaching their peak between the 15th – 25th April. The best place to enjoy the Peony Festival is in Luoyang, the capital city of Henan Province and where you can also find the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Longmen Grottoes.

The main venue of the annual Luoyang Peony Festival is the National Peony Garden in the town of Mongshan. Opposite the White Horse Temple there is Shenzhou Peony Garden which is a good place to see them in full bloom.

Day trips from Luoyang: Visit Shaolin Temple which is where Kung Fu was developed by the monks.

Xiang Festival Apr. 5 to May. 5

day trips in china, day tours in china readyclickandgoThis festival is a folk Festival held in Wuzhen near Shanghai. Participants wear their distinctive folk costume and take part in various activities, such as the Silkworm Flower Festival and boat races.

Day Trips from Wuzhen: Visit Suzhou, the Garden of the East.

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