Nirvana in Belgrade by Peter R



Peter R: I forgot the address of the hotel, slept in the park, had my 17th tattoo, enjoyed cognac and The Prodigy, paid my hotel bill … I did everything!

A friendly Englishman, who disappeared after a concert of The Prodigy in Belgrade, yesterday flew back home to the UK  and ended three days of agony for his family.  While searching for him, Serbian and English police, family and friends, even the band The Prodigy via their fan page suspected the worst, but Peter had never been in danger.

On the contrary …

“The Prodigy concert was on Saturday and my God, it was a madhouse! The next day I called my girlfriend and told her that I was well – and from then I lived in nirvana! Those four days in Serbia were the best time in my life, I really enjoyed it.” Peter tells his story with a smile showing off his  17th tattoo, a spider, which he had while his family lived through the worst moments in their lives.

“I don’t know who paid for this tattoo … I guess it would cost 2,500 dinars … I met a bunch of people, we will stay in touch. There were beautiful girls, great guys.”  Peter  continued.

“My family made too much noise. True, after the concert, I didn’t contact anyone. I don’t know with certainty where I’ve been … Well, I’ve been everywhere! And, cognac, my God, that’s a good drink! Serbs? Well, they’re the most positive people in the world! The people are awesome, I’ll definitely be back to Belgrade! Don’t care what my girlfriend or my sister will say  … They’ll grumble, we’ll argue, but if I could do it all again  – I would!”  After the concert, he says, he spent two nights sleeping on benches in the central city parks, because he could not find the address of his hotel.

“I was so drunk  that it didn’t matter where I was. It wasn‘t until Tuesday evening when I slowly came to my senses and got back to the hotel. At reception I found out what was going on. The Police took my passport,  they told me that The Prodigy had paid my hotel bill. Couldn’t believe it!  Hey, The Prodigy paid my hotel bill!  I follow them all over the world, the Belgrade concert was my 12th time seeing them live,” says Peter.

The cute Englishman asked for forgiveness and quickly asked when the Exit will be on in Belgrade. He could hardly wait to return to Serbia, to re-live an unforgettable time.


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