Help Please with off-the-beaten-track sights in Shanghai

I am going to Shanghai next month and need advice on what to see. Below is a list of things I already saw  but if anyone knows of other, more off-the-beaten-track sights in Shanghai that would be very much appreciated. 

–       The Yuyuan Garden – where I heard the best summer concert at the open air theatre. Day Tours in Shanghai, ReadyClickAndGo

–       The Jade Buddha Temple – where I had a kiss from an old but very charming Chinese man dressed in Mao TzeTung uniform and with a long grey beard, something very unusual these days. He was the epitome of disappearing China.

–       Got up early to watch fan dancers at the Bund. Took part and embarrassed myself spectacularly!

Day tours in Shanghai, ReadyClickAndGo–       Visited The Shanghai Museum – I keep going back worrying that I missed something on the last visit. The museum is so big, rich and packed with history that one visit is simply not enough.

–       Went to the Shanghai Art Museum – a small charming museum not far from Shanghai Museum, just across the People’s Park.  I attended the Versace exhibition in 2005. The entrance is free except if there are special exhibitions and even then the entry tickets are cheap.

–       The Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai (MOCA Shanghai) is another very goodsightseeing in Shanghai, ReadyClickAndGo Museum and next door to the Shanghai Art Museum.

–       I went to the Shanghai Theatre and watched the New York Philharmonic orchestra. A very exhilarating experience.

–       Went to the Xinatnidi Area and had the best steak in China at the T8 restaurant

–       Walked to nearby DongTai Road Antique Market for a bit of haggling

–        Had a coffee at the roof top terrace of the Peace Hotel with very good Jazz on the ground floor.

–       Went to Cloud88 at the Grand Hyatt and felt sick when I looked through the window! People were small dots. If that wasn’t enough I looked down at the hotel atrium and almost fainted!

–       Spent half day at Taiking road trying to negotiate a price for one of the paintings only to be told Saatchi bought it. Damn!

–       Went on the Maglev Train from Pudong Airport to the city centre in Shanghai and that was before the speed was limited. Watched speed going from 0 to 300kmph in a matter of seconds. The passing traffic looked like it was standing still.

–        Stayed in the room Albert Einstein received the phone call in about his Nobel Prize in 1921. The General Manager said that the mirror and wardrobe are the same as when Albert stayed in the hotel. Hmmmm….

–      Saw an acrobatics show but to be honest the best one was at the Shaolin Temple near Luoyang – that’s what I call acrobatics.

–       Visited all the food markets in Shanghai and all the water towns around Shanghai like Suzhou, Wuzhen, XitanG, Suzhou, Zhujiajiao, Zhouzhuang, Tongli…..

Thank you!


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